Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Bucket Fillers

This year at Rummel Creek, the students are learning to be Bucket Fillers.  They are doing 50 random acts of kindness to fill others' buckets.  As a school, we have had several big bucket filling activities.  One of our activities was sponsored by the K-SHAC Team and the Student Council.  We collected warm clothes, shoes, gloves and hats for students at our sister school.  We collected more than 300 items in just over three weeks.  Our sister school (Sherwood Elementary) was so excited to receive the warm clothing before the Christmas holidays.  Today, we delivered 10 boxes of food, paper goods, cleaning supplies and fresh fruit to our custodial, cafeteria and crossing guard staff.  We were able to do this because our parents and students collected Turkey Bucks back in November.  We were able to fill the buckets of 10 families.  We also participated in the "Giving Tree" for some of our families. Parents and students were able to select names and items that the child wanted for Christmas.  Our giving tree was very successful.  It is very important to help the students at Rummel Creek learn to give back to their community.  Rummel Creek students - we're so proud of you doing good for your community.  What a great way to celebrate 50 wonderful years!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Primary Reading Program

I have been at Rummel Creek for 23 years.  Every year except for the first year we have had a program to motivate students to read books in the fall.  The program is to help establish the habit of reading for 15 minutes every night.  For PreK and Kinder their parents can read to them.  In the upper primary grades, students are expected to read their own books.  Students keep a log of the books and simple awards are given thoughout the six weeks of the program.  Students who make it through to the very end are given a celebration in the library and a book is placed in their honor in the Library Learning Commons.  Over the years students have come back years later to find the books that have been placed in their honor in the library.  At first, I didn't keep a record.  But now, I have a list of every book and every child so that we can go back and find the books that were placed in their honor in the library.  Over the past 22 years, hundreds of books have been placed in the RCE Library Learning Commons in honor of students participating in the Primary Reading Program.  Today we had Smore's for our them "Read SMore Books!"  We also made Christmas Ornaments from books found in the 1962 Rummel Creek Library.  Sad to destroy the books, but had fun creating from history!  Fun day in the RCE Library Learning Commons today!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

History of Grants

Rummel Creek has had a long history of working to acquire grants to help add to the resources for the students.  Years ago, RCE received the RJR Nabisco 21st Century Grant.  This brought in technology and problem based learning.  In the past 15 years Rummel Creek has been blessed with funding from the Spring Branch Education Foundation, Fuel Up to Play, Texas School Health and this year Donor's Choose.  Thank you Chevron and Donor's Choose for placing all kinds of materials in the hands of the students at RCE!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Favorite Teachers

A few weeks back, a former Rummel Creek teacher taught a lesson to my children's choir.  She taught at Rummel Creek in the 60's - 80's.  Bonnie Williford Meine is still a dynamic teacher.  I enjoyed listening to her share the lesson with these fourth and fifth graders and thought "Wow...if she is this good now...what kind of pistol was she in the classroom at Rummel Creek?" Rummel Creek has had a history of outstanding dedicated teachers.  If I started making a list it would be very LONG!  Two of Rummel Creek's teachers went on to be the SBISD teacher of the year - Beneva Langios and Diane Higginbotham.  We've had more that made it to the final three. Strong teachers means strong students and strong scores.  Rummel Creek has had them all.

We'd love to hear some stories about your favorite teachers or staff members.  We've also had some outstanding music teachers and health fitness teachers walk through the doors at Rummel Creek.  And who could forget the custodial staff (JOE) and the cafeteria manager (Cathy Pierson). Post your stories.

Favorite Memories

I've been at Rummel Creek for 23 years.  Almost half of the life of Rummel Creek.  How the school has changed in the 23 years I have been here.  One of the first things you see as a big change is the library.  In 1990 when I first arrived at RCE, the library was a dark place with shelves high along the walls.  Now the library is open and bright with large windows.  Computers, iPads, Mini dells, digital cameras and a studio fill the space.  Students can read in rocking chairs, couches or on a bean bag chair.   Classrooms are also different.  Activeboards have been put in over the white boards that were put in over the green chalkboards.  Learning stations are now filled with technology instead of records and books.    Enjoy these photos from the past - the First Science Lab was created in a t-building out back.  For a sink, Terry McKetta rigged up a large water cooler for water.  The big black science tables came from a nearby High School upgrading it's labs.  Now our lab has running water, a stovetop, oven and STORAGE!

Share some of your favorite memories and stories from your days at RCE!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Article in the Newspaper

Rummel Creek Elementary is in the news.  We are so excited to be celebrating our 50th Birthday.  The Memorial Examiner published a great article about Rummel Creek.  Rummel Creek 50th!  The district has also focused on our 50th celebration...SBISD.  We would love to hear more stories to share about former students and teachers at Rummel Creek.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Precious Memories

Monday morning was a lovely morning in the Rummel Creek Library.  We were most fortunate to have all four principals together for a photo.  Not too many schools can get all of the former principals together in one shot....what a wonderful experience.  We took time to take photos in and around the school.  Teachers took time to visit with each of the principals as well.   As we thumbed through scrapbooks, stories were shared and memories jogged.  I can't wait to see what memories are reflected through this blog!   Principals from 1962 - current include Shirley Hale Lincoln, Mary McMillian, Bill Burger and Nancy Harn.  It was a lovely morning in the Rummel Creek Library.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Past Students

Tell your story of your time at Rummel Creek Elementary.  Who was a teacher that you remember?  What special event happened during your time at Rummel Creek Elementary?

Thursday, May 17, 2012

RCE is 50

When School starts in August...Rummel Creek will be 50 years old.  This is a place to write stories and antedotes remembered!!!!