Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Favorite Teachers

A few weeks back, a former Rummel Creek teacher taught a lesson to my children's choir.  She taught at Rummel Creek in the 60's - 80's.  Bonnie Williford Meine is still a dynamic teacher.  I enjoyed listening to her share the lesson with these fourth and fifth graders and thought "Wow...if she is this good now...what kind of pistol was she in the classroom at Rummel Creek?" Rummel Creek has had a history of outstanding dedicated teachers.  If I started making a list it would be very LONG!  Two of Rummel Creek's teachers went on to be the SBISD teacher of the year - Beneva Langios and Diane Higginbotham.  We've had more that made it to the final three. Strong teachers means strong students and strong scores.  Rummel Creek has had them all.

We'd love to hear some stories about your favorite teachers or staff members.  We've also had some outstanding music teachers and health fitness teachers walk through the doors at Rummel Creek.  And who could forget the custodial staff (JOE) and the cafeteria manager (Cathy Pierson). Post your stories.


  1. I loved all of my teachers at RCE from 1966-1971! I had Mrs. Gardner and Mrs. Lewis in first grade (team teaching was a big thing back then). Mrs. McClain in 2nd grade (she was sooooo pretty)! My third grade teacher was an Arkansas Hog-she loved her Hogs! 4th grade was Killough and Lucas! That was an awesome year!! and my favorite teacher of all was 5th grade!

  2. I loved RCE...Mrs. Atkinson was my Kinder teacher.
    2nd was Miss Vice (my favorite), 3rd was Anderson,
    4th was Parramore/Snyder and 5th was Cartee. I cannot remember my first grade teacher. I'm surprised I remembered the others. I just remembered my 1st grade teacher...Harding


Thanks for sharing your memories @ RCE!