Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Rummel Creek Celebrations!

Rummel Creek has always had a history of great celebrations.  This year, even with the move, RCE is showing it's true colors.....Red, White, Blue and of course ORANGE!  The music teacher, Karen Donathen, had a vision after watching the Darrin Goforth funeral to celebrate the officers of the law during our annual Red Ribbon Spirit Rally with the Rummel Creek students.

The design started in Karen's head, but quickly moved to student creativity and envolvment.  Students wrote songs, performed them, and created videos.  A committee made up of students and faculty members planned the Spirit Rally.  Ethan Manry, fifth grade student, designed the invitation and Ross Stewart, fifth grade student, began putting together video clips and coming up with ideas.  Girl Scout troops offered to do things as well.

Video of the students performing their songs
Video in honor of police and law enforcement
Slide show with words to songs

Check back to the blog next week to see photos and information about the actual event.