Thursday, November 29, 2012

Primary Reading Program

I have been at Rummel Creek for 23 years.  Every year except for the first year we have had a program to motivate students to read books in the fall.  The program is to help establish the habit of reading for 15 minutes every night.  For PreK and Kinder their parents can read to them.  In the upper primary grades, students are expected to read their own books.  Students keep a log of the books and simple awards are given thoughout the six weeks of the program.  Students who make it through to the very end are given a celebration in the library and a book is placed in their honor in the Library Learning Commons.  Over the years students have come back years later to find the books that have been placed in their honor in the library.  At first, I didn't keep a record.  But now, I have a list of every book and every child so that we can go back and find the books that were placed in their honor in the library.  Over the past 22 years, hundreds of books have been placed in the RCE Library Learning Commons in honor of students participating in the Primary Reading Program.  Today we had Smore's for our them "Read SMore Books!"  We also made Christmas Ornaments from books found in the 1962 Rummel Creek Library.  Sad to destroy the books, but had fun creating from history!  Fun day in the RCE Library Learning Commons today!

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