Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Favorite Memories

I've been at Rummel Creek for 23 years.  Almost half of the life of Rummel Creek.  How the school has changed in the 23 years I have been here.  One of the first things you see as a big change is the library.  In 1990 when I first arrived at RCE, the library was a dark place with shelves high along the walls.  Now the library is open and bright with large windows.  Computers, iPads, Mini dells, digital cameras and a studio fill the space.  Students can read in rocking chairs, couches or on a bean bag chair.   Classrooms are also different.  Activeboards have been put in over the white boards that were put in over the green chalkboards.  Learning stations are now filled with technology instead of records and books.    Enjoy these photos from the past - the First Science Lab was created in a t-building out back.  For a sink, Terry McKetta rigged up a large water cooler for water.  The big black science tables came from a nearby High School upgrading it's labs.  Now our lab has running water, a stovetop, oven and STORAGE!

Share some of your favorite memories and stories from your days at RCE!

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