Monday, November 11, 2013

The beginning of the last......

This year is the year of lasts...the last things that will happen in THIS RCE building.  We have to remember that it isn't Rummel Creek that is going away...just this building.  But...these halls have so many memories to share.
The last few weeks...
.....the Last Book Fair in the current library, and possibly the last book fair as we know it at RCE?!?  Over the time at RCE we moved from a totally Table Top Book Fair that covered the ENTIRE library (the old one), to one that is in cases, yet covers most of the library ...Thinking now...will we have a Book Fair in the new building?  Will we have a Book Fair in the transition campus?  Need to think about the purpose of the Book Fair - to get books into the hands of students...but how many students now access books through e-readers?  Do we need to move to an electronic Book Fair...should it be more of a celebration of reading?  Need to evaluate why we do a book fair...what is the purpose.  We've had a book fair at RCE for more than 40 years.  It is one of the most well attended activities at the school.  In the "old library" there were many nights and days that you could not move in the library.  My first year at RCE (1990) I was not prepared for the attendance.  Even with two cashiers (from the company), we could not keep up and the line was over an hour waiting and we only took cash or check.  Times have we have Mom volunteer cashiers, we take credit cards and try to have three or more registers open at any one time to keep the line moving.  Book is something to consider for the new building.

Another last - Book Character Parade.  I can't remember when the parade started...but it's been here for more than 15 years.  It used to be during Children's Book Week.  But somewhere in the last few years...Children's Book Week has disappeared ...but the parade continues...just after Halloween (keep your costume out for another week.)  This year the weather was beautiful and the costumes were great. Such a fun tradition...something to look forward to...A last in this RCE Building....
Oh these memories!

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