Sunday, September 8, 2013

It's only just begun!

I know that it's 9 months away....the packing and moving that is...but only in the first week of school are all of the books on the shelf and in some kind of orderly order!  So...the past two weeks, as students came to the Library Learning Commons for orientation....they marked the hardback books they want to see taken to the transition campus. This way every child at RCE has a voice in the books being taken to the transition library.   It was most enlightening  for me to watch the books selected by the students as most took this job very seriously.  A few surprises - military books were some of the first to be tagged by the intermediate boys, followed by books on optical illusions!  Primary students quickly picked the books that their teachers had shared last year in author can definitely see a pattern.  Other surprises were the biographies and science books selected...I was glad to see they selected somethings that were not in the curriculum.

This year I am focused on e-books, that will add dramatically the number of books we will have at the transition campus...and...they are available to the students 24/7 when they forget about a "book report" that's due.  So many students at RCE have e-readers of some sort, I'm hoping the e-books take off this year...I also hope to have enough of a collection that the students will want to check out those that are available.

This year will be a year of changes in more than one way.  The idea of the Library Learning Commons will change as the year moves on and we move to the transition school and then on to the new building.  CHANGE.....

Here are some photos of the students "dotting" the books to be taken to the transition library....

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